Our Firm/Company
The first, hand-written company ledger dates from 1824, although the firm was officially established in 1897 by Mr. Edmund Saner. The company is now in its third generation and is still an independent family business, with approximately 30 employees. The production program includes construction fittings, hardware and special threaded parts, as well as punched and turned parts according to customer blueprints.

Manufacturing possibilities:
– Punching, stamping, pressing, bending, welding
– Turning, threading, spinning, rolling

Machinery capacity:
– Pressing up to 150 t
– CNC turning up to 220 mm diameter, rod aperture of 32 to 65 mm,
mrotation length of 280 to 540 mm, 3 to 10 axles
– Conventional turning up to a diameter of 400 mm, rotation length
mof up to 1500 mm
– Cutting threads, rolling, spinning up to a diameter of 100 mm,
mlengths of up to 8 meters
– CNC milling, maximum distances : x = 500 mm, y = 450 mm,
mz = 400 mm